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I Thought I Had Died During Labour!


My last pregnancy (Baby Number 4) was not the most straight forward time of my life. I had a few strange (and uncomfortable) happenings and I was very eager to get to D-day when I could finally hold our baby in my arms and put it all behind me. Thankfully the day finally arrived and a little earlier than anticipated, 3 and half weeks before my due date. Giving birth to our baby girl was a special memory I will never forget and as with my previous labours I enjoyed the experience and challenge of childbirth. What was very different about this labour though was that at one point I actually thought I had passed away!

It seems that “Out of body experiences” and the like although not common have been reported and studied by some with interest and fascination. There are likely to be more story’s similar to mine that may never be told as It is very difficult to explain and I guess difficult to understand without having experienced it.  Here’s my story ~

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Maternity/Pregnancy Clothes VS Regular Non Maternity Clothes ~ To Buy Or Not To Buy?!



Do I really need Maternity Clothes? Are Maternity Clothes really necessary? 

I am currently pregnant with baby number 5. My Oldest Son is now 16 and when I was pregnant with him, there was no online shopping and the options in Maternity clothing seemed, well non-existent. But to be fair It actually never really dawned on me to look for clothing that was specifically designed for pregnancy instead I scoured the shops regularly in an attempt to find some regular clothes that would somehow miraculously make me look fashionable and styley rather than frumpy and style less. 

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How do I maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy?!


I know it sounds shallow but during every one of my 4 pregancies one of the greatest challenges I found emotionally was gaining weight. I know you have to gain a certain amount of weight, this is inevitable during pregnancy but for me it seems the minute I find out I am pregnant & morning sickness kicks in my "healthy eating lifestyle" seems to be thrown out the window & I reach for every unhealthy high fat carbohydrate I can get my hands on........I think partly to ease my morning sickness & their is a little bit of Psychology behind my change of eating habits with the idea that "Im going to get fat anyway so I might as well eat what I want!". Then the excess weight gain kicks in and I feel hideous and look forward to the end of my pregnancy when I can get back into shape again! I have always thought If I were to ever get Pregnant again I would employ the help of a Dietitian to help me stay on track so I could maintain a healthy weight & enjoy being pregnant without excessive weight to lug around! So I fired a few questions to expert in her field Dietitian Lara Nowland from Nurture from within to gain some expert advice on how to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

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The Best Exercises To Do To Stay In Shape During Pregnancy!


At we have a great selection of comfortable maternity fitness & workout clothing as well as casual day wear including shorts, track pants, sweat tops, sweatshirts & even sports dresses that are perfect for working out or just on those cruisy days when you want to be comfy but still look cool and styley at the same time!......a great place to start when it comes to exercise during pregnancy, but what are the best exercises to do to stay in shape during pregnancy? We chat to Kirsty Nelson, Personal trainer and Owner at  Bayside Bodyworx in Melbourne Australia to get some professional advice on exercise during pregnancy. 

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